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Streamlining the process of uploading VRChat avatars to your account with our cutting-edge platform. Say goodbye to manual uploads and experience the convenience of our automated solution.


Fast Uploads

Experience lightning-fast uploads from anywhere in the world! No matter your location, our platform ensures exceptionally quick uploads. Even with a substantial 400MB avatar package, the upload time remains impressively low, taking less than a minute


No Unity

Say goodbye to the hassle of requiring Unity installation just to upload an avatar! Our platform now enables you to effortlessly upload avatars without the need for Unity


Not a Marketplace

Our platform is meticulously crafted to enhance your purchasing pages and websites, like Gumroad and Shopify, with a distinct and separate approach to the already established marketplaces


Active 24/7

Our service is fully automated, eliminating the need for any waiting around. Gone are the days of timed restrictions for receiving your uploads. Embrace the convenience of our seamless automation, empowering you to access your uploads at any time of day. No more waiting for specific hours


Free to Use

we prioritize full transparency in our pricing model. Rest assured, our service is entirely free for end users. The cost lies solely with the creators, ensuring that they are not charged a percentage of the avatar's value. With this approach, we create a fair and equitable platform, allowing creators to showcase their talent and products without any hidden fees or cuts


  • Our platform seamlessly integrates with VRChat, no complex setup or technical expertise required.
  • Stay informed about the progress of your avatar uploads with real-time status updates
  • We prioritise security over all else, utilising robust encryption protocols and industry-standard security measures to protect your data


  • Our solution provides a measure to secure your assets by being in control of distributing your packages directly to users accounts
  • Our system is designed around the already thought out process of distributing packages but no longer is it required to give these packages to users directly
  • We offer many types of integration such as Direct API Access to Gumroad and even Stripe (Not all functionally is available, but we are bringing support to most platforms)

Revolutionize your VRChat avatar management with Lmon Uploader. Join us today and unlock a new level of efficiency